EXIR PLUS Octane Booster


EXIR PLUS Octane Booster is The new product of EXIR Sazan Kavir Iranian Company is very valuable for consumers via the high quality and price
EXIR PLUS is the only octane booster that has received the standard certificate of the Iranian Oil Industry Research Institute, so it has the highest increase in octane number for gasoline engines, especially modern cars.


In the current situation where the existing supplements have poor quality and unfortunately are offered at a high price in stores and gas stations, this new product (EXIR PLUS Octane Booster) is completely incomparable and the formulation has been completely invented by domestic Iranian engineers, and definitely with more production with direct supply at fuel stations based on resistance economy policies can prevent the currency from leaving the country (imports of expensive, non-standard, counterfeit supplements, etc.)

Benefits of Exir Plus Octane Booster

An increase of 10 units in the octane number of gasoline for a 60-liter car tank
Reducing gasoline fuel consumption by about 20%
Increases car acceleration, especially at high speeds
Increasing slow burning and correcting fuel energy consumption in the car engine
Reducing pollutant gases caused by fuel combustion in the car engine
Reducing engine noise and eliminating engine knocking and valve noise
Washing the fuel system, fuel injection and car injector needle
Prevents the formation of deposits in the fuel injection path and engine combustion chamber