EXIR Sazan Kavir Iranian

EXIR Sazan Kavir Iranian Company (private joint stock) was established with registration number 13992 in 2014 in an area of ​​6000 meters in the special economic zone of Yazd city
EXIR Sazan Kavir Iranian separates petroleum condensate and produce commercial petroleum products, gasoline, diesel, and various solvents along with other petroleum derivatives such as heavy fuel supplements
Using the latest engineering technologies, with full use of the technical knowledge of Iranian engineers, without the need for engineering consultation with foreign companies, this company has implemented and operated all stages of designing, manufacturing, and installing equipment.


Monthly productions


Production site workers

In EXIR Sazan Kavir Iranian , we designed a process that receives petroleum condensate as feed and finally produces commercial petroleum products and fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and various solvents and petroleum derivatives.
In the process, the feed is first entered into the 400-ton feed tanks, and after safe storage, while complying with the safety requirements of the process, the feed is directed to the separation towers and based on the latest modern technology based on the technical knowledge of oil refining engineers, with optimal and minimal energy consumption The waste, the mentioned petroleum products are completely separated from each other according to their average temperature boiling point and each of them should be sent separately to 300, 200 and 100 tons tanks according to the loading conditions and storage time of the product.